The Dragon

The night before I constructed “The Dragon” I had a dream. I was in the deep, churning dark sea somehow suspended in a “safe” bubble under the water with my youngest son. We could sense something powerful lurking around us, it was the force making the sea churn. At one point it stuck it’s head into our safe bubble, kind of checking us out. It was at that point we realized we were in the presence of a dragon! It was a “sea dragon,” which is more like a giant serpent. Wow, just as I’m writing this I am remembering a myth about the end of the world. I’m forgetting the cultural origin right now or where I heard this. But it was believed that a giant serpent biting it’s own tail is encircling the entire planet. At the end of times she/ he will open it’s mouth and let go of it’s own tail, thus causing the Earth to fall apart. Maybe that was somewhere in my subconscious when I had this dream as it has sometimes felt like the “end of days” with this pandemic sweeping through and taking so many lives around us.

There are many types of Dragons from many different cultures around the world. The fact that they are such a universal symbol makes one wonder where they come from? Is it a distant memory of dinosaurs? Are they real mythical creatures that live in a parallel universe? Many people believe that the “ley lines” on the Earth are actually where sleeping dragon spirits lie. They call them “Dragon lines.” Ley lines are energetic lines that travel across the Earth and carry rivers of supernatural energy. Powerful monuments and sacred spaces often lay along these lines. Also, animals tend to travel along these lines, the warn down paths you see in the woods. People who are psychically aware can sense them and they can also be found by dowsing.

In the area I walk I had always seen this pile of mossy rocks, to me I felt like it was a dragon lounging there. When I woke up from my dream that morning I knew what I had to do! My nature shrine that day had to be making that dragon I sensed come to life. This was actually my largest shrine so far and I found myself moving fallen trees to outline her spine. I placed a quartz rock for her head. I adorned her with flowers. To me she was already there. I simply made her more visible, and gave her the much needed attention she deserved.

I believe that if Dragons do exist, they are Earth’s guardian spirits. I believe they are fierce, powerful beings who were placed here to be Earth’s protectors. Many are feeling a great shifting that is happening on our planet, and in our society right now. The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius that started back in the 60s, and yes these things take time. With it outmoded ways of life are falling away, and we are remembering how to live in community once again. We are remembering how to live in better harmony with the land itself. There is a belief out there that the the sleeping Dragons have had enough and will Wake!

Dragons have come to represent a sense of real power for myself. While the planet goes through her healing process, most of us who are tuned in at all are also feeling ourselves shift, grow and heal. We are learning how to embrace who we are, focus on what’s truly important, and stand in our own power. I would like to share a poem now which I wrote last year where many of these concepts come together. You will see how Dragon is a symbol for both personal as well as planetary awakening and power.

The other day a friend and I were walking past her, and I saw one of her logs had fallen. I said “I will come back later and fix that.” The moment I said that I tripped on a root and nearly landed face first on the ground! I laughed and said; “OR…I will come fix you now!” My friend and I laughed, she was not going to let me just walk by and leave her like that! Dragons will let you know what’s up! This shrine is clearly going to need check ins and ongoing attention from me 🙂

Road Trip

I saw Dragons in the landscape.

Laying their massive bodies down,

Evergreen spines , cutting clean lines through the thicket

Of bare brown branches.

Scales thick, white snow

Encrusted in a layer of ice,


Iridescent sunlight.

Shoulders hunched over

Seem to move slightly as I drove past,

As if bracing themselves to lift

A giant head off the frozen ground.

Waking from their slumber,

To stretch wings,

To take flight again.   

I have come to know this place,

Have felt real magic in this landscape.

Mountains, rivers, trees,

Seem to make a nest of magic,

Seem to invite it a place to land, to rest.

My body feels alive, tingling with excitement, 

In this open, wild land. 

Traveling south gave way to less majestic scenery.

More and more cars surrounded me,

More and more road signs cluttered my view.

My energy body shrinks inward as I go along.

Billboards flashed,

Assaulting my mind,

Tearing it from its tranquil state.

As if screaming in my ears;

“Buy our products!”

Obnoxiously yelling at traffic,

Not caring for the very safety of those consumers they wish to ploy.

Live or Die, as long as you Buy….

The sacredness of the natural world has been replaced with consumerism, 

Down here in the land of the damned. 

Make more money, 

Own more things,

Jobs, success, entertainment, better lovers, more friends….

Anything you want at the tip of your fingertips.

Tree growth diminished,

Concrete taking its place,

Sprouting up with acceleration

Into the descent of the city.

I feel starved for truth,

For the enchanted Eden.

I can not thrive here!

I never could.

I was never good enough for him; I didn’t make enough money, didn’t fit society’s 

beauty standards.

Didn’t have enough education, or titles, or plans for the future.

I didn’t hold his values, his belief in “fitting in.” 

His blind trust in an ever failing society,

With its “moral compass” set to Broken….

At first low walls,

Meant to hold back nature,

To keep her in her place.

Soon grew into higher and taller walls.

Just like the way that HE oppressed me,

When we lived down here together.

Just like the way he tried to Build a Wall….

He tried to squelch my Wild and Weird feminine nature,

Keep me well groomed,

Not spilling up and over,

Contained within the “guidelines” of society.

The taller walls now morphed into giant bizarre structures,

Lined with cars up into the sky.

Looming over head,

A menacing, Oppressive force.

Now incorporating painted red metal,

The blood of the Earth,

Who’s womb was scraped and torn open to extract these materials.

I imagined a surgical procedure,

A giant razor cutting the Earth’s crust like skin.

This entire structure was then lifted out of her.

I remembered myself lying, strapped to a hospital bed,

numb from the neck down, being cut with precision.

Having my own children lifted from my womb.

Would they be lifted into this world to produce?

To be “productive members of society?” 

Just as the bridge structure was lifted out of the Earth to serve some purpose?

It would be heavily used, driven over relentlessly for years.

Patches put over its wounds. 

So it can continue to be used.

Continue its productivity,

Its life’s purpose

Until ultimately, 

One day,

It crumbles to the ground. 

Did my own children get extracted unnaturally from my womb to serve a similar fate? 

Was I extracted from my mother to serve a corrupt society? 

I opened the window, in hopes of connecting my mind and body

Back to some sense of normalcy.

I noticed that the very air had been drained of all its magic.

There was a certain heaviness to it,

And a sickenly sweet, unnatural smell.

I felt nauseous. 

Filled with an increasing sense of panic,

A vague cellular memory of oppression, pollution, corruption.

I want to go BACK to the Dragons!

I want to go Back to somewhere I can breath!

Sleeping Dragons know,

They hold ancient secrets,

Laying asleep for centuries,

They are dreaming.

Dreaming the mystical back into this world.

Their dreams seep into the surrounding landscape,

Spiralling up into the clouds,

Billowing clouds of supernatural mist streaming out

Like images from a Tibetan tapestry…

Dragons and all.

I waited,  inching along in traffic

Heading towards the bridges and tunnels.

An old man with a sign around his neck

Stood in the center of the street,

Waving and smiling,

No care for his own safety or that of the drivers.

He inhaled the black smoke of the trucks that barely squeaked past him on every side.

Happily ignoring the closeness of danger and death 

All around him.

As he begged for change.

His clueless grin, unsettling.

He was the Fool on the Hill,

A bad Omen; 

Welcoming all the souls into the bowels of this concrete Hell.

He was Charon, the Ferryman,

Give him a penny and he will shuttle your soul across the river to Hades.

The Journey Home;

Traffic thinned, skylines opened to expansive views once more.

The sides of the highways grew free and wild.

I opened the window, 

The fresh smell of pines hurried in. 

My mind was at peace,

My energy body expanded back out.

I felt the familiar euphoric tingle in the air.

The gatekeepers of the northland Utopia approached, 

This protected, unmolested, sacred land.

I was home.

The Dragons were waking.

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My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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