Waterfall Flowers

This nature shrine was inspired by the Spring, and dedicated to this beautiful little waterfall I pass on my walk often. You can’t get the full effect of this one just from a photo. That is because it is about the sound and the movement of the water coupled with the strands of flower petals blowing in the breeze. In some ways it can be seen as dedicated to both air and water.

The petals hanging allows the element of air to interact with this shrine. To me the element of air is about movement, and freedom. I imagine faeries dancing down the branches all through the forest, awakening the buds on their bare branches as they glide past.

Moving water has always been a source of relaxation and contemplation. The negative ions given off by moving bodies of water, whether it be a waterfall or the ocean, produces positive changes on the brain and body. Most people recognise a sense of deep peace when next to moving water. To me the sound is part of the experience. I love to sit and meditate next to water falls of all shapes and sizes. Even the smallest falls produces a sound that is calming and centring. But you must be willing to actually sit and stay for a bit next to the waterfall in order to partake of it’s magic.

Speaking of magic, my hope for this piece was that it would fill the passersby with a sense of wonder and hope, especially the children. This Corona virus situation is traumatic and terrifying for everyone and I can’t imagine what the children are experiencing right now. Their entire world is turned upside down and the adults around them are who usually make them feel safe are scared too. Grocery store shelves are empty, everyone is wearing masks and not making eye contact. The kids and babies must be so confused.

Spring is coming! I wanted to remind them that there is still hope, colour, and magic in this world. Even during the darkest night, the most challenging times, the dawn of a new day awaits. This is what Spring brings to each of our hearts, new growth, new potential, a fresh start. I truly hope that the world comes out the other end of this with a fresh new start and a better, more enlightened way of living.

The construction of this offering was more complex than any other so far. I had envisioned what I wanted to do, but it took some trial and error to get there. At first I was hanging whole roses on the branches. But they were too heavy and didn’t move in the breeze. I went back several days in a row and tried different approaches. Finally it came to me that I needed to deconstruct the rose and thread the petals in a long strand! The other flower I chose to use here is purple hyacinth which has always been a family favourite around Spring and Easter. Their intoxicating scent always reminds me of this time of year.

Threading the flowers was no easy feat, and keeping the rose petals flat was particularity challenging. I thread them at home and carried them down to place over the stream. As you can imagine tangling was also a frustrating problem. It was also challenging leaning out over the stream and tying them onto the branches without falling in! But eventually, I got it. I think it was well worth the effort, even though it would only last a few days. Such is the impermanent nature of my shrines.

Published by elizardbitz

My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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