Shell Mandala at the Faerie Well

On Dreamland, the sacred land of the Green Mountain Druid Order (GMDO,) there are a few sacred sites. There is the Dragon temple which is a stone circle, the labyrinth, and the faerie Well. The faerie Well has recently been redesigned and turned into a temple, with smaller stone circle built around it. It wasContinue reading “Shell Mandala at the Faerie Well”

Bird’s Nest Mandala

  In my Druid training course work, the second year of training is called the Ovate year. Ovate translating to “egg.” The Ovate year is about facing one’s own inner shadows and disruptive phycological patterns that do not serve your highest good in life. At one point during this year one undergoes a “Death ceremony.”Continue reading “Bird’s Nest Mandala”

Mandala/ Gratitude and Closure

I’ve been contemplating closure these past few days. In reality nothing ever truly ends, it only transforms. Energy can not be created nor destroyed. It is however, still advisable to mark the ending of things ceremonially. It is good practice for our emotional/ mental health. A few recent conversations have brought up the parallels betweenContinue reading “Mandala/ Gratitude and Closure”