Uncertainty/ The Eye

Today’s nature shrine, and yes there is snow in May here! My shrines often come from a place of what’s going on in my own inner world, as well as in the greater world. Uncertainty came to mind today. I think as we open the world back up a bit we are all feeling uncertain.

As I contemplated how to make a shrine about uncertainty, I went through many trial and errors. Until I realised, in order to make a shrine about uncertainty you just have to start building it, uncertain of what will unfold!

To me it looks like an eye. I’m thinking about the eye of Horus from Egyptian mythology, and Tolkien’s eye of Mordor. I’m thinking of the eyes as the window to the soul, the eye as a symbol of “seeing beyond,” and perspective. It’s all integrating still.

The place it chose to be built was another “playful” space in the forest. I had some funny experiences there. It was built on a perfectly flat stone that was hugged by the roots of a double tree.

Published by elizardbitz

My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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