Mother’s Day/ DNA

I was definitely thinking about Mother’s Day with today’s nature shrine. This was a balancing act to build! I can’t tell you how many times rows of items flew away, or a branch would fall and I’d have to start all over. In some ways it reminded me of the practice of patience and being a mother. I also like how some parts of it remind me of DNA structure. I was thinking about patterns in nature, patterns in our cells, and ancestry. Patterns being passed down and mutated through our genes. What have we inherited from our lineage? Which come naturally and which do we have to build upon and reinforce? Are there patterns we want to restructure? If so how do we go about doing so?

This was built between the branches of a lovely, old pine who I like to hug. A child had left a painted rock at it’s base and I felt called to build here today. I have been “caught” building my shrines a few times now. People whisper “I think this is the lady.” Sometimes they will stop and ask me about other shrines. People have also started leaving their own things about. I like being the the “Mother of the Shrines,” and feeling like I’m inspiring others to contribute. I saw a woman by the Well yesterday, leaning down and anointing her head with the Well water. I like to think I helped make people see the sacredness in what’s already there and has been all along. Les not forget the Mother to us all, Earth herself !

Published by elizardbitz

My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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