Elizabeth Horstmann

My name is Elizabeth Horstmann. I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer. I am also the mother of two wonderful teenage sons, and a teacher of babies and toddlers.
I have a background in art and psychology. I have been lucky enough to have a solid and diversified spiritual education throughout my life. I am a certified hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, and Inner faith minister. I have also gone through a two year Yoga teacher training program. In my twenties I had a thriving Reiki practice, saw many clients and taught many individuals Reiki. I also dabbled in herbalism, tarot, astrology, crystals, and many other alternative healing and occult interests. I spent many years studying Tibetan Buddhism. In my thirties major life changes sent me off in a new direction spiritually. Having spent many years studying Eastern philosophies, I felt something was missing from my spiritual practice. The best way I can describe it is my blood felt anaemic, as if something in my DNA was screaming out to me to be “fed.” I felt as though my ancestors were whispering to me; “But what about US?” This sent me on a journey to seek out the spiritual practices of my Celtic and Norse ancestors. I discovered Druidry, and was brought to the doorstep of the GMDO by a series of crazy coincidences! But that’s a story for another time.

I believe in a “Oneness” that is the great energy that runs through all things in this world. Some call this force “God.” I believe in finding the similarities, rather than the differences in religions and spiritual practices. I honor and respect all traditions.

I started these nature shrines, and this blog as a response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

It has come to my attention that some folks would like to purchase my images to display in their homes. I am working on a web site to sell my own products. But in the mean time you can get my images on wall hangings, shower curtains, yoga mats, coffee mugs, face masks and more on the following site;


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