Algiz; The Rune of Protection

This nature shrine is of the Rune Algiz. Algiz is the rune of protection. I felt as though we all needed a little extra protection with this virus all around us. In fact, most people are now wearing protective “gear” when going out into the world including masks and gloves. Masks and gloves are good for physical protection. But what people often forget is the huge percentage of our lives that takes place in the unseen world. Our energy bodies need protection also, if not even more so. Some of the most valuable spiritual studies I have ever experienced have been about “psychic hygiene.” Having good psychic hygiene means having strong energetic boundaries, being aware of your intuition and only letting in what is healthy for you. It’s like being on an energetic “diet” if you will. Only we know what is good for us and makes us thrive, and what is draining to us and makes us sick. Just like some are allergic to wheat, maybe there is a certain energy that you are tempted by or drawn to that you know is destructive for you. It is your right and responsibility to protect yourself from that. Only you can invite things into your energy field, make sure you are doing it very consciously.

A good way to check in with yourself around this is to periodically write down what you do and do not want to bring into your life. Another aspect of psychic hygiene is purifying, keeping clean. This can be done in many ways. One of the most popular ways is through smudging: burning purifying herbs such as sage, and cedar to clean your Aura and your space. It is also beneficial to do larger cleansing practices on a less frequent basis. Some of these might include jumping into a cold fresh source of water with intention to cleanse on a deep level, or attending a sweat lodge.

It’s important to build a psychic shield around yourself as well. You can imagine it however you like: your ancestors, a guardian angels (if you believe in that sort of thing,) your animal allies, or simply a bubble of your favourite colour around you.

I am not saying that these practices will keep us from getting the virus, however it is another layer of added protection. I also like to send protection to my children, family and friends. Especially during these scary times. I often think of drawing this symbol over them. You can imagine whatever protective symbol you like. There are a lot of different symbolic “languages” out there. Right now I am relating strongly to the runes, something I grew up with (my mother always had them,) and something that is no doubt rooted in my DNA from my Norse ancestry. I also often draw the Algiz symbol over my self, much like when Christians draw the sign of the cross over their chest. In fact, this brings me to this……

On Easter Sunday when I was walking by my Algiz shrine I saw that someone had moved the sticks and made it into a Cross! I was very upset at first feeling the oppression and judgement of generations of Christians onto the pagan practice. How dare they I thought! What is wrong with my runic symbol? I bet they think it’s evil witchcraft, and of course everything HAS to be made into something Christian. It feels like they have their own protective bubble around them in our culture. If it’s something Christian, it’s automatically accepted. It’s automatically ‘holy’ and sacred, no questions asked. The rest of us have to hoover quietly in the corners and “prove” that what we are beliefs are not evil. The witch trials are still closer than we think. I have a lot to share about this, including a wonderful ceremony I participated in around the burning times. But that’s a story for another time…..

Once my anger subsided I contemplated the similarities between the Cross and Algiz, how interesting! They really are not that far off from each other and both are summoned for protection. Also upside down the Algiz symbol becomes the Peace sign. Also in a way a symbol of protection, representing the lack of War and violence. There truly is a universal underlying language in symbolism, among other things. “Oh well, it is Easter after all, ” I thought. Let them honour their traditions, to each their own. We must continue to work towards accepting each other and each other’s rights to our beliefs. After all it’s the only way we will ever find Peace….

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My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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