Ogham; Beech

Today’s shrine is my first Ogham! Ogham is like the Celtic version of the runes, and is often called the “Celtic Tree language.” Each symbol correlates with a tree, which correlated to the trees energy, qualities, and medicine. Those associations become the meaning assigned to that specific symbol, or letter of the alphabet.

I was making a flower essence from the Beech tree (my tree ally) today. So it seemed appropriate to build this Beech Ogham under her. Since Beech holds onto her leaves all through winter, she is associated with memories, wisdom, a keeper of the past. She is considered the Grandmother of the forest. Her nuts feed many creatures, which also makes her a natural nurturer. She is extremely unassuming and patient, growing in the shady under-story, quietly waiting for the others to fall, so she can rise and take over the space.

She is associated with Water, as she grows in damp soil near waters edges. She also provides a lot of support for the other trees around her. She is associated with knowledge too, as she was traditionally used to make books. I spent the day connecting with her; drumming, singing to her, meditating with her. While connecting with her so deeply, I sensed that ancestor and blood medicine are strong benefits she brings in her essence as well.

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My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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