Today’s shrine was of the rune Ansuz. Ansuz is associated with “the god,” in particular the god Odin, the head of the Northern Pantheon. It’s complex meaning includes the idea of lineage, and ancestry linking each of us back to the divine source. It is often associated with the mouth and therefore speech, singing, toning and the breath. In fact language and the mind’s subconscious ability to link symbolism to experience.

It is interesting that this rune chose to be built today. Because I had just gotten off a talk by Sali Crow about healing ancestral wounds. We all have inner wounds passed down from the generations that came before us. Many of us are working through this wounding on our personal healing journeys. The recent events of the world have exacerbated this for all of us.

Because of its link to breath as well as ancestors, I have heard it recognised as the rune that signifies the breath that moves through our ancestral lines. This is a beautiful concept to me. It is not only the blood, sweat, tears, and DNA of those who came before us that makes up who we are. It is also their songs, their stories, their poetry, their language, and their very breath moving through us, that becomes a part of our identity and experience as humans. I love how Green and gentle this one feels.

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My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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