The Moon

The moon and her cycles can be a good reminder of how everything in life goes through cycles. Cycles within cycles. I am currently experiencing the very early symptoms of menopause. That is part of a very large cycle in a woman’s life; Maiden, Mother, Crone. Within that I am still experiencing my monthly cycles, cycles within cycles. Cycles within cycles can be intense and hard to juggle in many areas of life. But if we stop and contemplate that we are merely in a cycle, and it will continue to change, it can bring some relief. All of our relationships go through cycles. Our creativity and inspiration goes through cycles. Our health goes through cycles. It can be reassuring to understand this.

This offering is dedicated to the moon, and her cycles. Today is the new moon. It is a time of reflection, and of letting go of what no longer serves you. It’s a time to consider what you want to manifest in your life over this next month, leading up to the Full Moon. I think of it’s blackness as the dark, rich, fertile soil within which we plant the seeds of our intentions. That energy should be especially potent at this time of year (Spring.) In moon magic beliefs the “seeds” (the things you are energetically calling into your life) that you plant during the new moon should come to fruition by the full moon.

The moon has eight phases, the middle phase, the half moon, is also known as the “Druid Moon.” I found that written in an old journal from before I was even studying Druidry. One evening I was standing outdoors talking with a friend. The half moon shone above us strong and bright. I told her how I had found a note about the “Druid Moon” in my journal. She asked me why it was called that? I actually have no idea why, but something came to me when answering her. In Druid studies we learn to embrace both our lightness and our shadows. We are encouraged to see both as equal partners that we dance through this life with. My friend (who is also studying Druidry) agreed that this made sense why it was called the “Druid Moon.”

This shrine was built close to home in my backyard. I was thinking about the moon and I thought of a log I have out there that I sometimes place items on as an offering. It’s round white-ish face made for the perfect moon I thought! Especially with the sprinkling of snow that was left there this morning. This work felt close to my heart, and I was feeling tender about it also. So somehow having it closer to home made sense to me.

I won’t go into details about what I was specifically letting go of, because it’s very personal. However, I will say it had to do with patterns in relationships that have been deep rooted in my psyche for sometime. I have been healing from these for many years, but I think it needed this final push to clear out. Old patterns are difficult to break free from. It’s habitual. Our energy left unchecked takes the path of least resistance. When a pattern has been around for so long, it leave a psychic impression. It’s like a groove that’s been worn down. Like footprints in the sand, or tire tracks mud, it’s easy to fall back into that path we have warn down and so often travelled. It take conscience energy to move up and out of that. To choose a new path, or simply to shift the energy and break the pattern that had been left there.

Using the moon’s powerful energy to aid you in breaking these patterns can be beneficial. After all her pull is so strong she controls the very tides of our seas! Our bodies are made up of mostly water, so if we think the moon isn’t affecting us we are mistaken.

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My name is Elizabeth, I am an artist, writer, nature lover, and spiritual explorer.

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